Retro: A truck that doesn’t last long

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I can’t say most eighteen-year-olds spend their freshman year taping horrible jingles for car dealerships.

Given, a few “barbershop” nerds probably do.  And who knows, they may make a little pizza money.  But those are the musician-y types who actually try to sing well.  I dropped out of piano lessons, at least, three times.  And singing?  Well, you be the judge.

Inspired, I’m sure, by those brash in-your-face car commercials, I spent one Friday evening making a commercial for the fictional “Sad Brothers Ford.”  I think it’s a mental cross between the Sleaze Brothers in the 1985 children’s film “Follow that Bird,” and any old dealership that uses the word “Brothers” in its name.

So what was I thinking?

Clearly my voiceover skills weren’t the greatest.  But my under-developed 18-year-old brain found some real humor in the idea that a truck would be “sad priced” for $60,000 over MSRP.  Or that a dealer would brag about offering free oil changes for only one month.  Or, the joke that left me in stitches a decade ago, that the oil change would involve taking a power drill to the oil pan to drain the oil.

Hilarious, right?  :-/

It’s amazing how less funny jokes become as I face them in the clear light of age.  Perhaps it’s the time and effort I put into it, but I at least still find it amusing.