A square deal for every Citrus listener

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Like any politician, I’ve done a very poor job keeping my promises.  But all that changes today.

I haven’t been intentionally lazy getting new podcasts out.  Frankly, if it were up to me, I’d just sit here all day and make podcasts.  But  I run into three major problems:

(1)  Life gets busy.  It takes a lot of prep to do a really good job with a podcast.  And to toss that into the mix of getting a master’s degree and attending school?  Yikes.  I just don’t have the time to sit at the computer and man a live radio show for three hours, hoping it overlaps with your schedule.

(2)  It’s no fun talking to myself.  Worse yet, it’s probably quite boring for you to sit and listen to me blather on with my useless opinions.  What makes radio fun is to interact with you.

(3)  I’m an idiot.  I let the Radio Citrus domain name expire.  It came down to paying big to Go Daddy or going to Big Daddy’s Pizza.  I stand by my choice.

So I’m killing three (or four) birds with one stone with this site.  Over the next few weeks and months, I plan to consolidate all the good, bad, and ugly projects I’ve ever made into one grotesque art gallery.  This includes every podcast I’ve made, including some crappy non-Radio Citrus ones.

Art gallery?  Boo!  That sounds lame.

And you’re right.  So I’m dusting off the old podcast mic and mixer with this deal:


Or to quote Jimmy Stewart’s daughter: “Every 20 times the phone rings, a new podcast gets its wings!”

No welshing on the deal.  If twenty listeners leave me a usable voicemail at the new number to the right, I’ll make a podcast.  Twenty more, and another podcast … another 20, another podcast …

The ball gets rolling, and off we go.  And no, not 20 calls from just you.  Throw your girlfriend on the phone.  Tell a friend.

You can call about anything.  Opinions on politics.  Questions about the economy.  How we’re “generation screwed” and will never own a house.  The latest taco you are eating.  How the music on Z100 really sucks lately.  How you were post-hipster before it was cool.  Whatever. Literally anything.


… barring it’s not 20 seconds of you just sitting there, breathing creepily.  Or a non-stop recital of George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV.”  Other than that, I’ll seriously use every call.

It’s a grand experiment.  I’m excited to see how this goes.

4 Responses

  1. Gnu

    True story, my small midwestern “city” has a Z100 radio station that plays pop music. I hate it. They also play Packers games. I love it.

    Also, when was this posted? I see no dates? IF you posted this 3 years ago I don’t want to call in now.

  2. Nightowl3090

    I remember way back to the premier episode.. I somehow convinced the friends I was at a party with to play it on the stere. They had no iidea what was going on but thought it was hilarious regardless.