A “Riff” Track: Whiz Kid (1989)

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Not to be confused with the trademarked “Rifftrax” web which we all adore, I tear apart this legendary German film classic.  The movie never really made it anywhere and is no longer for sale.  I found it at a video store in Utah that was going out of business and selling all their tapes.  It was called “A Whiz Kid” in the United States, but in Germany it was marketed with the catchy name “Eine ganz normale Familie.”

The movie just itches for heckling, from the C-grade acting, downright racist depiction of Americans, overuse of Huey Lewis’s “I Want a New Drug” (which airs 3 times, I believe), and the overall confusion as to whether the “Frankenstein’s monster” the protagonist makes is a clone or a robot (or both).  This critical plot point is never addressed.  Add in unexplained underage drinking and implied middle-school sex and you wind up with the eurotrash of children’s films.

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