A Great Way To Save Money and Avoid Diabetes

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Not enough money? Worried about getting diabetes?

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Want me to stop asking you rhetorical questions and tell you how you can save money and avoid getting diabetes?

I’ve found a great way to save money is to cut out buying soda when I go out to eat. I started quite a long time ago for swimming-related reasons. But now with that bad habit out of my life, I still avoid soda for financial reasons.

Sizzler would’ve ripped me off if I’d ordered a soda.

See my glass? Not the soda glass with the strawberries. That’s my grandma’s. The water glass is mine.

I’m personally terrified of diabetes. I suppose if I ever had to poke myself on a daily basis I could get used to it, but I could never give up the tasty carbohydrates that make my life worth living. Some things are worth dying for, specifically: bread, breadsticks, pizza, and calzones.

You too can fight diabetes, and save a bundle! Order water.

I know it’s hard to say no to Diet Coke and Sprite. But you can break the habit! Thinks of the mere dozens of dollars your save each year. Think of how happy Medicare will be when you don’t order your Diabeetus Testing Supplies.

  1. Pablo

    What? Diet Coke doesn’t have any sugar. It doesn’t have anything to do with diabetes!