Z100, the hit music station (2003)

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It’s no wonder the music on Q959fm was so terrible. With a predecessor whose slogan was “disco, eighties, and a lot of music without a lot of talk,” it’s no wonder the library’s MP3 collection was so terrible. But hey, I was a young, naive teenager.

This week, in 2016, as I watched young teenagers moving into their dorm rooms for a first time, my mind transported back to my own freshman year 12 years ago. My modest old cinderblock building is gone, replaced with fancy new luxurious dorms (funded by upper-middle-class parents refinancing their McMansions), and with it, the group of late-Gen X/early-Millennials who still brought (and listened to) radios to college.  It planted the seeds for what would be my first, and arguably favorite, pirate radio station.

Months before I purchased the transmitter that would ultimately lead to Q959fm, I was trying out fake DJ stuff just to an audio cassette. You can hear the spirit of the Q in this aircheck, despite my stealing the name of New York’s #1 Hit Music Station. My station names were limited to whatever jingle demo I could steal from, which is why Q959fm was named what it was (because I stole the “Q95” jingle demo).

Good vibes in this recording. My favorite is the promo for the “free Jacuzzi,” with an important asterisk. My 18-year-old brain pretended I had full reigns of 100.7 FM, licensed to a small town in northern Utah, and how I was going to make it into a hot-sounding Top 40 station (that played disco, apparently?)

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