Why So Wasteful?

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I’ve had a great Christmas: ham, fire in my grandmother’s fireplace, presents under the tree.

But it’s the last of those three I’d like to talk about. I’m beginning to wonder how much packaging we Americans waste. I mean, here’s 55 gallons of un-compressed paper, just from our small Christmas gathering today:

I’m by no means an eco-nut. I’m just as irritated as you are with those granolas pulling out their re-usable bags at the grocery store.

But we do we package stuff in so much plastic? Maybe loss-prevention. It would be harder to walk out of Best Buy with a stick of computer memory in my pocket when it’s in a 12-by-9 inch plastic container.

Alas … illumination from the source of all wisdom …

Why do we waste out money filling the landfill with material only six months old? Or even 24 hours? What happens when China and India become as wasteful as we are?