Never Pay a Toll Again

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Worthy of a master’s thesis, this video takes the viewer on an existentialist trip into the perplexing social equity questions of transportation economics psychology. Filmed in 2003, I re-edited the voice tracking of what appears to be a simple home … Continued

Ban TVs, Too

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It’s time to ban TVs in cars. I had the pleasure of following this SUV down the Point of the Mountain tonight. As I got near Thanksgiving Point I quickly found myself distracted. They have one of those TVs mounted … Continued

Get Ready for the Launch!

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Are you a Radio Citrus fan yet? Well, we are just days away from the big launch of I finally have a decent computer running the automated loop, which you should be getting a sneak peak of right now. … Continued

Simpsons Equals Paper

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I had a term paper due about an hour ago. I has partially forgotten about it (neglected, is a better word) until late last night. Deciding I’d better get started, I quickly realized the professor was very open-ended on what … Continued

We Launch May 1, 2009

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Thanks to everybody for riding out the site redesign. It should now be much easier to use. Plus it allows you to flip between pages without interrupting the steam, but not the pages above. There’s not a whole lot I … Continued

Born in da Ghetto

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Okay, not really. But my brother made this video. It allows the more run-down segments of our old hometown make fun of itself. But as I watched it, I realized it just didn’t feel the clip conveyed enough of a … Continued

Severely Censored

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I am lazy. I drive to the other end of my apartment complex’s parking lot to put my laundry in the dryer. Along the way I heard U92 playing a really smooth R&B song. I ran home (or rather, drove) … Continued