Live Show Today!

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Howdy from the West! I’m getting everything together for live show number two. Phone lines open starting at 9:00 Eastern Time, right here on Feel free to get a few comments in before the show, as well via the … Continued

Next Show: Friday, May 8

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Howdy all! The launch party was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who called in. I believe you called in from Long Island, Virginia, eastern Pennsylvania, Denver, Tallahassee, Canada’s only “real” province, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and many, many other points … Continued

Beijing’s Miracle

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On Chinese New Year, Beijing suffered what some might call a “terrible disaster.” It all started with the fireworks. After all, what’s China without some fireworks, right? From what I’ve read, the display was fantastic! But like all good fireworks … Continued

We’re #79! We’re #79!

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Yeah, that’s a chant nobody’s gonna be too proud of. I spent my Sunday night chatting with my buddy who’s in college across the country. We both went to Cyprus High School far west of Salt Lake City. We always … Continued

The Documentary

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Alright! Here it is! After several months work, Mark and I finished off the documentary, and we are turning it in today. Not too shabby of a requirement for a senior project, in my opinion. The only trouble we are … Continued

What Love Is (repeat)

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Recently, a family I’m acquainted with had their marriage fall apart after a quarter century. Well, mainly the guy walked away. I haven’t been in touch a whole lot lately, but it still hurt me when I heard of it. … Continued

Garage Ball

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When I was walking to my car tonight, I noticed a group of creative freshmen playing kick ball on the second level.