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I guess that word, written in gothlic letters, makes up for every way a Hyundai Accent is not.

Radio Debut: Uncle Larry, 9 ET

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They say you only get one first impression.  But Larry doesn’t care.  Dispite having a serious learning disability (illiteracy), he plans to count down your top 40 songs that you requested at tonight at 9:00 PM eastern. Send in … Continued

Steering Wheel Falling Off

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It sounds like a lame excuse, but it may mean tonight’s live show may start late or not at all. I was driving Meinen Wunderauto when the wheel started feeling loose, almost like it was ready to fall off. Now … Continued

Excuse Our Dust

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Mi Amigos – I’m sure you are very aware by now that Friday’s live show hasn’t been repeating. And the stream keeps quitting. That’s because I’ve been having internet trouble. And oddly enough, it has not been Comcast’s fault this … Continued