For Rude: ORCA Quiz

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My Geography 222 class is making all of us take ORCA’s ethics quiz. One particular answer made me smile … Q. “Which … circumstances would be adequate to justify … the exclusion of potential human subjects from a study?” A. … Continued

A Freeway So Scary …

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… it’ll make you wet your pants? I am trying to find an article on a proposed new freeway for southern Utah County. I found this supposed “blog” post about it. For some reason it just doesn’t seem legit, imo.

Going Too Far?

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Before I explain anything, watch this: Watched it? Great. Have I gone too far? Crossed a line? I’ve been surprised to watch reactions of those I show this to. A few look at me with condescending exasperation. They’ve had to … Continued

Copyrights Taste Great Deep Fried

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Thanks for everyone for calling in and tuning in! I finally got tired of copyrights. Part of why I haven’t bothered with the podcast is because I couldn’t find enough new “public domain”-ish content to justify the show. Today, I … Continued

Guilty Until Proven Guilty

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I went out to eat at Arby’s last night. They have these great coupons that let me have two mediocre, over-priced sandwiches for the price of one mediocre, over-priced combo meal. And my brother was in town. We ordered our … Continued

Sorry, So Slow …

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Unlike Will Ferrel, the podcast isn’t dead. But I figure I owe you all an explanation as to why the momentum started slowing down in July. Before I took my trip to California, my job was pretty much dead. We … Continued