Radio Citrus #27: UN troops invade Andy Rooney’s life

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YTMND Deathwatch 2016 A prominent YTMNDer phones in, which sends us out to report on YTMND‘s death spiral for the year. This sends us on an adventure involving Captain James T. Kirk and the dying Dairy Queen fast food chain. … Continued

A “Riff” Track: Whiz Kid (1989)

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Not to be confused with the trademarked “Rifftrax” web which we all adore, I tear apart this legendary German film classic.  The movie never really made it anywhere and is no longer for sale.  I found it at a video … Continued

Pirate 2016: Utah’s Dance Beat

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I once worked for a station called “Star 96.7.”  It was run by one of my mentors, a middle-aged unmarried man by the name of Bob.  He really liked his 80s music, so he ran it on an automated loop … Continued